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RosterMaster StandAlone v5.3.5 is now available

In prevision for the level cap increase of the Chains of Eternity expansion due out this week, I am releasing this minor update to RosterMaster StandAlone.  The only changes beside the level cap increasr to 95 are one minor PHP warning on the Charview module, and the removal of the link pointing to the support thread on SOE's forums (they just changed forum software, and there is no Website section anymore).


RosterMaster StandAlone v5.3.0

RosterMaster StandAlone v5.3.0 is now available for download.  This new version adds support for the latest GameUpdate, increasing the level cap to 92.  Click on "Read more..." for changelog and download link.

RosterMaster StandAlone v5.2.5 is now available

RosterMaster StandAlone v5.2.5 is now available for download.  This new version features a much improved character viewer, along with a few improvements around the roster update procedure.

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RosterMaster StandAlone v5.2.0 is now available

RosterMaster StandAlone v5.2.0 is now available for download.  The biggest changes are the new internal character viewer, with the option of using either EQ2U or EQ2Players as character viewers, and also a fix for some recent issues with updating characters due to a format change in the data feeds.

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RosterMaster StandAlone v5.2.0 Beta 1

RosterMaster Stand Alone v5.2.0 Beta 1 is available for download.  The main change of this new version is the addition of an internal character viewer, which gets called when you click on a character name in the roster.  I need this to be toroughly tested, as it involves some image manipulation (cropping + resizing of the paperdoll image provided by SOE).

This version also supports (as an alternative character view) to link to characters on the new EQ2U website from the EQ2Wire team.  You can select the desired character viewer under Display Settings.

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RosterMaster StandAlone v5.1.0 is now available

RosterMaster StandAlone v5.1.0 is now available for download.  This is a required update, to accomodate changes SOE did in their data feeds.

Changes since v5.0.0:

  • FIXED: Updated data parser to match format changes SOE did to the REST data API on January 31st.
  • IMPROVED: When you enable Debug Mode (under Display Settings), if the XML query you send to SOE's server generates an error (for example if something was changed in the data feed structure), the error message generated by SOE's server will be emailed back to me.
    If for some reason you want to use Verbose Errors and don't want the SOE servers to report back query errors to me, this can be edited in includes/urls.php - just set both $identifystring to "".
  • IMPROVED: Reduced the time window during which two roster updates might happen at the same time if two visitors hit the site when the local cache is stale.


RosterMaster StandAlone 5.0.0 is released

RosterMaster StandAlone v5.0.0 final has been released.  The highlight of this new major update is that it interfaces with new data feeds provided by SOE.  These new feeds provide a lot more data than the old data feeds did, and they should also be more reliable.  Over 30 different fields are available for you to chose from to customize your roster.  Those fields can be separated on up to 5 separate pages, so you can have a page dedicated to basic character information, and another page dedicated to combat-related attributes such as critical mitigation and resistances.

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RosterMaster StandAlone 5.0.0 Beta 3 available!

Beta 2 is now available, mainly resolving issues for people doing a new installation.

And we're now up to Beta 3 :)

If you are already running Beta 1, simply unpack these new files on top of your current installation.  No changes were made to the database itself.

Changes in 5.0.0 Beta 3 (22-Dec-2011)

  • FIXED: Failed to parse the DKP database on roster updates
  • FIXED: DKP grouped sorting
  • FIXED: Two HTML errors (re-validated HTML markups)
  • FIXED: Characters had the wrong "id" stored (truncated integer)


Changes in 5.0.0 Beta 2 (21-Dec-2011)

  • IMPROVED: Better database connection testing/reporting
  • IMPROVED: Better error handling when failing to initialize the database.
  • FIXED: PHP warning when chosing your initial password
  • FIXED: Creation of new database would fail
  • IMPROVED: Guild ID search will also make use of Curl when available (to work around servers with castrated file_get_contents())


RosterMaster StandAlone 5.0.0 Beta 1 available!

After two weeks of intense work, I am excited to present RosterMaster StandAlone 5.0.0 Beta 1!  This version is definitely the biggest update in years, thanks in big part to SOE making some very detailled data feeds available for guild and roster data.  This new version offers over 30 different fields that can be displayed on your roster, and should update more regularily than their old half-broken XML/CSV feeds.


RosterMaster Stand Alone 4.5.0

Rostermaster Stand Alone v4.5.0 is now available!  Just like its younger sibbling, the two main novelties are the addition of custom fields, and integration with DKP management applications.  This release also integrates a couple of fixes, including some important ones: newer characters might fail being added to the roster as their character ID had grown too large to fit in the database, and all EQ2Players pages being moved to (preventing RMSA from updating).  Therefore this update can be considered as mandatory if you want RMSA to work properly.  Click on "Read more" for the details.


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