RosterMaster StandAlone

NOTE: This project is no longer being actively developed.

RosterMaster StandAlone is a tool aimed at Everquest® II players who manage a website for their guild.  This PHP application will extract guild roster information from the data feeds provided by SOE, and display them in a table, allowing you to have a detailed, highly configurable roster display available on your website.  The data is locally cached in a MySQL database for best performance.


  • SQL backend cache
  • Over 30 different fields can be displayed
  • Single and double-column display sorting (ascending/descending)
  • Custom fields containing user or admin-entered data, can contain text, URLs or inline images
  • Forum Username-to-Character name mapping (With supported forum/portal install)
  • Internal character viewer, to see complete details
  • Update logging for field changes
  • Optional icons for ranks, adventurer, race and tradeskill classes
  • Optional pie charts of classes and level breakdowns
  • Optional integration with many popular portal and forums applications
  • Optional integration with DKP management applications to import DKP data
  • Easy to install - complete configuration, as well as database table creation/upgrade can be done through a web interface
  • Highly configurable display, down to which columns you wish to display and in which order.
  • Roster display can be flat, grouped or paged.
  • Multilingual (English, French and German supported)


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Detailed guild roster info


Originally developped by Rex 'SaintPeter' Schrader, I have taken over development of it in late 2006.

This is the standalone version, which means no specific portal software is required.  There are other variants that will tightly integrate with specific portal softwares, most notably the RM4DF variant, developped by DarkGrue, and which integrates with the Dragonfly CMS, and offers many additional features.

When used with a supported portal/forum software, RosterMaster StandAlone is able to tie in to its user database, allowing your users to claim ownership of their characters, and designate a role to each of them (Primary, Secondary or Utility).  This feature is totally optional.

The appearance can be customized to match your website's looks through a CSS file.  RosterMaster StandAlone ships with two default stylesheets: one dark-themed, and another one that's light-themed.

RMSA Light Theme


Highly configurable display - select exactly which information you want to display.  Here's a very compact display:


RMSA Compact display


You can also display the members grouped by a specific field:


RMSA Grouped Display


And complete character details can be viewed internally (or through EQ2U/EQ2Players):



  • PHP-enabled website (PHP 5.0.0 or higher, with SimpleXML support)
  • A MySQL database (4.x or newer)
  • FTP access, or other means to upload files to your website


  • A supported forum/CMS, for character claiming.
  • Curl and GD 2.0.1 (with PNG) support built in PHP (recommended)


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