Amiga Relics

These are various artifacts that I created back in the days where I was working Amiga magic.  This is more a museum than anything these days, but still... here they are.


Here be AmigaOS artifacts: 

Image DevsMan 1.4

This one has been done to ease the life of people who are tired of manually cleaning their Devs/ drawer. It allows them to easily handle their monitors, DOSDrivers, even Datatypes.

Image MFormat 1.8a

Well, the Guild of Commodore used to do great stuff, but they also did sloppy jobs on some things. My MFormat has been made to replace their own Format spell, providing the user with the ability to disable format verification, automate name incrementing (for those batch-formatting jobs), and some more.
I've handed the rune scrolls to a fellow wizard, who might eventually do something with them.

Image XPKatana 1.2

It's a complete GUI (Gnomish User Interface) designed to ease the use of those nifty XPK packing spells (the kind used for that pouch of holding that I see attached to your belt). It even has an ARexx interface, for those who likes to talk with daemons.
This one was handed over to a fellow wizard named Victor Ducedre, who already released numerous update to it. Look for it at your nearest Aminet Mage Shoppe.

Image NewIcons V4.6

A fellow mage named Nicola Salmoria decided to move to another Realm. Before leaving, that wise and powerful wizard decided that this one was just too good to be left dead, so allowed me and Aesculape (this is that cleric who, when he's not curing diseases and fixing broken bones, is doing a lot of interesting artwork, like some of the decoration in my tower) to resume his work. NewIcons is meant to replace the standard icon system by a more powerful one, where pens are allocated according to the icon's required palette, so icons always (well... almost) get the right colours. Since I took over development, I also added transparent and borderless icons support, and some more.

Copies of the rune scrolls were given to both the AmigaOS programmers and MorphOS Head Wizard, who implemented support for it into their respective operating systems.

Aesculape and I created a separate Plane for NewIcons. Please step through this Gateway to reach it.

Image SysInspector 1.4

You know, those system monitors like Scout or ARTM that let you see what's installed on your system, kill rogue spells, close windows, and so on? Well, this is something similar, but with a few more features thrown in, all wrapped around a nifty ClassAct interface. It also requires Kickstart 3.0 or better.
The E rune scrolls were handed to another wizard, who was still having troubles gathering some of the missing ingredients to rebuild it.

CAMP 1.2 (ClassAct Mpega Player)

Small ClassAct-based front end GUI for mpega 3.0 and up, was originally written for me and a friend.

LowFrag 1.3

Small system patch that helps reducing memory fragmentation.

SetManager 2.1

Another former creation of Nicola Salmoria for which I've taken over development. This is a SetFunction() enhancer, that will prevent crashes when a patch is removed from your system, and will also let you disable/enable any patch at any time through a GUI (now ClassAct-based).
The rune patterns were handed over to Marco Lugo, who finished my work on 2.1 and got it released through the Aminet Mage Shoppes.

Trackdisk Preferences 1.0

Settings editor for trackdisk.device. Set up step rate, disable disk clicking, etc...