NOTE: This project is no longer being actively developed.

LOTRoster is a tool aimed at players of the Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG to add a guild roster on their website.  This PHP application will extract guild roster information from Turbine's data.lotro.com XML feeds, and display them in a table, allowing you to have a detailed, highly configurable roster display available on your website.  The data is locally cached for best performance, either in files located on disk, or in an SQL database (both MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported).


  • SQL or local flatfile backend cache for performance
  • Single and double-column display sorting (ascending/descending)
  • Can be updated offline (through a cron job) or online (for smaller guilds)
  • Forum Username-to-Character name mapping (With SQL and supported forum/portal install)
  • Update logging for all relevant fields, either to a file or to an SQL database
  • Optional icons for various fields
  • Optional pie charts of classes and level breakdowns
  • Optional integration with DragonflyCMS, Drupal 6, e107, EQDKP-Plus, Invision Power Board 2.x, phpBB2/3, PHP-Fusion, phpNuke, Postnuke, SMF, vBulletin, Xoops and Zikula, allowing your members to claim ownership of their characters
  • Optional integration with EQDKP and EQDKP-Plus to retrieve DKP data
  • Easy to install - complete configuration, as well as table creation/upgrade can be done through a web interface
  • Highly configurable display, down to which columns you wish to display and in which order.
  • Roster display can be flat, grouped or paged.
  • User-configurable custom fields that can contain manually-entered data
  • Can be used in secure environments where your web server doesn't have write access to disk (through the optional SQL storage)
  • Multilingual (English currently supported)




The code is based on another of my project, RosterMaster Stand Alone.  This version retains most of the features of the original RMSA application: highly customizable, character mapping when used with a supported CMS/forum, appearance can be customized through CSS, etc...


 LOTRoster can display virtually any data pushed by Turbine through their XML interface at data.lotro.com.  Connections to their site are throttled to avoid hammering their service during updates (hence it is recommended to run the updates as a scheduled job and not do them online like RosterMaster does since LOTRoster updates can take much longer to complete).  Everything is cached in a local database so between updates all data is accessed locally for best performance.

The roster display is highly customizable: from a very visual mode with icons, down to a short, compact text roster.



 You can also get some charts detailing your guild roster:




  • PHP-enabled website (PHP 4.3.0 or higher, compiled with XML support)
  • FTP access, or other means to upload files to your website


  • A database (MySQL 4.x and up, PostgresQL 7.x and up supported)
  • A supported forum/CMS, for character claiming.
  • Curl and GD 2.0.1 (with PNG support) built in PHP (recommended)
  • Access to Cron jobs on your server (for reliable updates)


Live Demo: http://www.lostrealm.ca/lotrosterdemo/
Alternate Demo (current development version): http://www.lostrealm.ca/lotrosterdev/

You can also check its parent here: http://www.lostrealm.ca/rostermaster