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LOTRoster 1.5.0 is now available

I have just released a new version of LOTRoster.  This version handles the numerous stats changes from the recent LOTRO expansion, and increases the level cap to 75.

Note that due to the numerous field changes, you have to upgrade your database schema, by using the appropriate Upgrade link from the Configuration page.  You will also need to update your display templates to use the new field names, and remove the old ones.

Also, the Turbine data feeds have been half broken since September 27th.  Many characters return an error page, causing LOTRoster's update to fail.  There is unfortunately nothing I can do about this, you will have to put pressure on Turbine to fix this issue.  When I tried to contact their web dev, I was told to submit an in-game petition frown...  LOTRoster 1.5.0 should even report in its log which characters are failing (if you enable verbose logging).

LOTRoster 1.4.1 is now available

This is just a minor bug fix.  Turbine's data feed can sometime return a "noCharacter" error when a requested character cannot be found, in addition to the usual "noCharacterData" which is returned for archived characters.  This would cause the whole update process to fail.  This new version makes LOTRoster handle both cases as inactive characters, so the roster update process will still complete successfully.



LOTRoster 1.4.0

I am happy to announce the availability of LOTRoster 1.4.0!  The two biggest changes in this version are the addition of custom fields, and the ability to import DKP data from an external application (EQDKP and EQDKP-Plus currently supported).  Click on "Read more" for details.

LOTROster 1.3.0

LOTRoster 1.3.0 is now available for download.  This new version is fully compatible with the updated version of my.lotro.com, and also supports characters up to level 65.

Click on Read More for the detailed changelog.

LOTRoster 1.2.0

LOTRoster 1.2.0 is now available for download.

To upgrade, simply copy all files on top of your existing installation.  Make sure to backup first any modified file (especially if you modified your CSS stylesheet).  After that, enter the configuration, editing your settings as needed, and save them.

Be aware that the 'class' field now behaves differently.  It will now only display the class.  If you wish to retain the former behaviour of displaying both the class and the level in the same column, you will have to replace it with the new "classlevel" field in your display template.

Read more to see the complete list of changes.

LOTRoster 1.1.0

LOTRoster 1.1.0 is now available.  Quite a few changes were implemented since 1.0.0, a lot of it based on user feedback and contribution.  The most notable changes are whole new artwork that is more in line with LOTRO artwork, full support for tribes composed of Creeps, and additional CMS integration modules.

The database format has changed since 1.0.0, so if you are upgrading from 1.0.0, make sure to follow the instructions written in the Changelog and the documentation.  People upgrading from 1.1.0 beta do not need to upgrade the database, only their settings (which is done simply by entering the configuration module, editing then re-saving your settings), and then refreshing your roster.

Read more for the detailed changes.

LOTRoster 1.0.0

LOTRoster 1.0.0 is now available.  Please let me know if you have any question, suggestion or comment regarding it.


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