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Auto-Sysclean 0.1

Here is the first public release of Auto-Sysclean, a small package that makes it easier to download and use TrendMicro's excellent Sysclean malware removal tool.

Syclean is a small tool from TrendMicro that allows you to scan and clean a computer infected by malware, without the need to install any security suite on the computer.  Typically you will download Sysclean, a virus pattern file, and a spyware pattern file from TrendMicro's website, and then launch the tool.
The good part is, you always have the latest pattern files (since you have to download them separately from the tool).
The bad part is, it can be confusing knowing what to download, and where to find it on TrendMicro's website.
Enter Auto-Sysclean.  Essentially, it is a couple of batch files, and a zip unpacking tool (taken from the 7-Zip package) that will use the command line FTP client bundled with Windows to download the latest versions of Sysclean, virus patterns, and spyware patterns, just by double-clicking on one of the included batch files.
Usage is fairly easy: unpack the content of the archive somewhere (could be on an USB drive if you intend to use it on a different computer) or directly on the desktop, and then double-click on one of the three batchfiles to launch it.  Details can be found in the included README file.

[file] AutoSysclean01.zip20/06/09 3:22 pm285.35 KB2614

High resolution icons for Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird

This archive contains two high resolution Windows icons for use with Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.  The icons were created from a 32-bits PNG I found on some website long ago (so all credits go to the original author - I merely converted them into Windows icons).

[file] XPBirdicons
Hi-color icons for Thunderbird and Firefox that I generated fron 32-bits PNG images I found somewhere on the web.
02/05/09 3:03 pm9.54 KB2528

HOWTO: Configure ntop with DD-WRT v22

This document explains how to configure Ntop to interface with a router running the DD-WRT v22 firmware.  Note that I haven't updated this for newer version of DD-WRT since I no longer use ntop.

[file] HOWTO - NTop with DD-WRT 22
How to configure Ntop to work with a router running DD-WRT release 22.
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